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Delightful Offerings of Scrumptious Array of Chinese New Year Buffet at Eastin Penang

Eastin Hotel, Penang – 12 Jan 2017 – The Chinese New Year is the most important festive holidays for the Chinese. This year’s Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner and Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner at Eastin Hotel Penang will be an exceptional dining experience for our guests. The array of buffet were carefully selected to bring out the best authentic Chinese dishes to cater to our patrons during the celebratory season.

The best features of this year’s menu are presented in nine amazing dishes’ category such as cold delicacies, our extra special HUAT AHH! Giant Yee Sang Table which comprises of delectable condiments and dressing such as tasteful pickled items, fresh salmon slices, crushed roasted peanuts with toasted sesame seeds, flavoured with 5 spice powder accompanied with red salted ginger & Chinese plum sauce and added with crackers for an extra crispy texture to the Yee Sang, Emperors Twin Dome, soup, hot dishes, seafood on ice, deep-fried varieties such as Prawn Fritters, Tempura Squid, Fish Crackle and so on, assortment of desserts and also not missing out our action counters which will be serving Roasted Whole Lamb, Baked Fish, Eastin Lobster Wok and many more other dishes. All of the fares focus on the traditional spices — cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg — along with subtle pepper and chilli notes giving out the best taste to our guests to enjoy the festive with delectable dishes with us.

The best you could look into is the Fortune Yee Sang with condiments and dressing traditionally served as part of the Reunion Dinner and a must have auspicious dish. Other than that, we have Poon Choi & Yook Poon, Golden Fried Rice all served with classic condiments and ingredients. Eastin Hotel Penang has the experience of delivering appetising and belly-filling dishes to the Hotel guests since the opening of the Hotel in 2009. We offer refined and upmarket dining experience with the Reunion Buffet Dinner which will be served from 6.30pm to 10.00pm on January 27, 2017 at RM138 nett, Chinese New Year Hi-Tea served from 12.00 noon to 3.00pm on at RM98 nett and Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner at RM118 nett on January 28 & 29, 2017. Early Birds for first 100 persons get to enjoy 15% offer for full payment made before 15th January 2017.

There are 20% offer for Senior Citizen aged above 60 years old and children below 5 years old get to enjoy the buffet at no cost. The Reunion Buffet Dinner promotion is also included with power packed performances such as War Drum, Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Traditional Magic Show and of course not forgetting special Dragon Beard Sugar booth, Chinese traditional sweet item simply organised for our guests during the night of the reunion dinner.


Eastin Penang’s Delectable Christmas

Eastin Hotel, Penang – 21 Nov 2016 – This year’s Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner at the Swez Brasserie in Eastin Hotel Penang is exclusive and delectable specially tailored to cater the guests for the festive season.

The best features of this year’s menu are presented in nine amazing dishes’ category such as cold delicacies, cheese corner, soup, carving, seafood on ice, pastas, western delights, hot delicacies and of course not missing out the desserts. The menu crafted by Chef Johnno offers a wide variety of delightful hors d’oeuvres, main courses and desserts where all the food products are fresh and the dishes has the class of finest Christmas buffet fare.  You might not find the exotic dishes on the menu, but you’ll find pretty much anything else that perfectly fits the Western oriented dishes, cooked in extra special ways for this Christmas.

The best you could look into is the grilled lamb with wide range of palatable flavours and sauces, both spicy and mild. Other than the lamb, we have mouth-watering carvery roast turkey, poached seabass, varieties of creamy and Bolognese pasta all served with classic condiments and ingredients. Swez Brasserie has the experience of delivering appetising and belly-filling dishes to the Hotel guests. The buffet dinner will be served from 6.30pm to 10.00pm on December 24, 2016, priced at RM178 nett. Early Birds for first 80 persons get to enjoy 25% offer for full payment made before 15th December 2016. There are 20% offer for Senior Citizen aged above 60 years old and children below 5 years old get to enjoy the buffet at no cost. The eve buffet dinner promotion is also included with party pack and a chance to meet the Santa Clause.


Small Deed with Great Love

Small Deed with Great Love

Eastin Hotel, Penang – 7 Nov 2016 – Little donation could make a great difference to Homes like The Salvation Army Penang Children’s Home. For this year’s Festival of Lights, Eastin Hotel Penang hosted a dinner event to giveaway food hamper and Deepavali packets to 30 children from the home.

The food hamper presented comprises of rice packets, soft packs of Milo, sugar packets, cooking oil, biscuits and wheat flour packets. The Deepavali packets were presented to all the children by Director of Sales & Marketing Ms Choo Chan Chan after the dinner. Such small in-kind donations could create big impact in terms of CSR initiatives in Penang and the region. Any form of donations provided to the home especially during festive seasons could make the children extra happy and excited. It gives great satisfactions to Eastin Hotel Penang’s employees because, it is all about the heart that willing to reach out to the children who needs extra care and affection.

Art through the Eyes of Children

Art through the Eyes of Children


Eastin Hotel, Penang – 24 Sept 2016 – Eastin Hotel Penang hosted the Children Art Competition for the fourth consecutive years with the theme ‘Turn Back the Clock’ on the 24th of September 2016. The competition attained approximately 100 participations from children ranging from 6 to 15 years old to showcase their inborn talents and artful skills within. The competition were divided into two age group categories aged 6 to 10 years and 11 to 15 years. The participants were required to complete their artworks as according to the theme titles provided by the Hotel for each age group categories.

This year’s theme was mainly associated with early modes of transportation that existed and still continue to exist in present day around the heritage vicinity of Georgetown and occupations which has extended history like Rubber Tappers, Trishaw Operators, Kuih Sellers, Roadside Barbers, Teachers, Nurses, Police, to name a few. The chosen theme eventually allows the children to develop an understanding and provides them chances to explore about the long-standing Malaysian occupations and the mode of transportations in Malaysia. Besides that, two orphanage associations namely, Shan Children’s Home and Pusat Penjagaan Sinar Ceria were invited to join in the competition so as to accomplish a part of our annual Corporate Social Responsibility Project.

The winners for Junior and Senior Category walked away with attractive complimentary Eastin Hotel Stays and Food & Beverage vouchers presented by the Hotel Director of Sales & Marketing Ms. Choo Chan Chan along with fantastic gift vouchers from our esteemed sponsors. Apart from the prizes, the chosen winning artworks would be presented through the Hotel corporate calendar of 2017 to depict the Hotel’s appreciation towards art, Malaysian occupations and classic mode of transportations in Malaysia.

Art Competition ‘Through the Eyes of A Child’ 2016 Junior Category won by; Champion Phoon Zi Ting aged 10 for the topic Kuih Seller, 1st Runner Up Chew Yu Qi aged 8 for the topic Roti Man on Bicycle/Motorbike, 2nd Runner Up Gracelyn Loh aged 10 for the topic Ice Cream Man on Tricycle, 4th Consolation Lee Sin Xuan aged 9 for the topic Roti Man on Bicycles/Motorbikes & 5th Consolation Lee Tze Syuen aged 9 for the topic Ice Cream Man on Tricycle.

Art Competition ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’ 2016 Senior Category won by; Champion Ooi Li Wen aged 14 for the topic Coolies, 1st Runner Up Eleni Loh Yee aged 12 for the topic Rubber Tappers, 2nd Runner Up Deshni Manikumar aged 11 for the topic Noodle Sellers, 4th Consolation Lee Pei Lin aged 11 for the topic Coolies & 5th Consolation Phoon Zi Hui aged 14 for the topic Dulang Washer.

The sponsors for the competition are Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Marigold, Penang Wonderfood Museum and Penang Amazing World Studio.

“Everlasting Memory” Bridal Fair 2016

Eastin Hotel Penang “Everlasting Memory” Bridal Fair 2016

WEDDINGS and debuts are not simply gatherings or parties that we go to, eat, dance and bring gifts, it symbolizes a lot more than that. Making these celebrations extra special for the couple or the debutante requires ample time, proper planning and knowing where to score the best deal makes a difference. In order to make this moment an everlasting memory, Eastin Hotel Penang organised the Bridal Fair for second consecutive years on 10th and 11th September 2016 (Saturday & Sunday) from 10am to 9pm.


This event open doors not only to the soon to be married couple, but it provides an opportunity for them to understand and explore on the excitement having their wedding well planned. Event vendors and suppliers from different company participated in this event in order for everyone to catch sight of their products and experience their service first hand, from venues, caterers, decorations, to cakes and gowns, all ready for our guests. The opening ceremony begins with a gimmick of flash mob by our banquet staff and followed by champagne pouring ceremony by the hotel representatives and vendors in the afternoon followed on with the Hotel’s in-house band performance.


On the second day of the Fair, there were quite a number of guests signed-up for Eastin Hotel Penang’s wedding packages. The highlight of the evening saw the Director of Sales & Marketing Ms. Choo Chan Chan from Eastin Hotel Penang presenting prizes to the winners of the Facebook Competition ‘Love is in the Air’. Couple Dennis Kok & Sachiko Ch’ng with their love tagline: “If I did anything right in my life it was when I gave my heart to you. I want you, all of you, your flaws, your mistake, your imperfections, I want you and only you” won the Grand Prize worth RM2388, Couple Lee Cheong Beng & Ooi Tze Hoong with their love tagline: “Et thou shall be by my side, from sunrise till the sunset of my life” won the Second Prize worth RM1538 and followed by Couple Ee Pin Leow & Shirleen Thoo with their love tagline: “Rain or shine, our relationship will bloom like the evergreen grass” won the Third Prize worth RM638. The winners were chosen based on the most number of Facebook Likes for their photo.


The sponsors for this event were Stareast Wedding Signature, La Berry Wedding & Decorations, Putree Pelamin, Photo & Bridal House, Kuang Yee Bridal Collections, Crystal Wedding Planner, ADAMAS, Carissa Nail, Spa & Beauty, Pixin Booth, Hobby Art Photography, Mary Kay, The Wine Shop, Bravo & Co and Glory Florist.


Our Great Accomplishment in the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards Malaysia 2013-2015 Series

Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya recently won seven awards at the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards Malaysia 2013-2015 Series.

General Manager of Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya, Ms Jane Suppiah said “this is indeed a proud achievement for us as we have been awarded Top 5 for Exceptional Experience in the category of HAPA 4-Star Hotel/Resort. We have gained recognition for our team who are eager and passionate to serve our guests with providing service from the heart. Our team of well-trained staffs focuses on teamwork, sincerity, commitment, accountability, pro-activeness and an eye for details so that our guests will be able to experience the true Malaysian hospitality here at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya”.

We are also delighted as our restaurants, Ee Chinese Cuisine and Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine have won Top 5 HAPA Flavours of Asia (Hotels/Resorts). Ee Chinese Cuisine and Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine are among the finest eateries to serve delicious, flavourful and palatable dishes to ensure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya.

Ee Chinese Cuisine and Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine were awarded Top 10 HAPA Restaurant of the Year for Dining Experience (Hotels/Resorts). We would like to thank all our guests for their continuous support in patronizing our Ee Chinese Cuisine and also Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine.

Chef Ricky Hui from Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine and Chef Yong Kam Wah from Ee Chinese Cuisine won the Top 10 Masterchef (Asian) – Master of Authenticity category. With their amazing culinary skills, knowledge and wide experience in the industry enable them to use the fresh and high quality ingredients to produce authentic Japanese and Chinese cuisine that is unique and delicious.

We are happy to announce that Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine will undergo renovation works from mid February 2014. The restaurant is expected to re-open in April 2014 with further enhancements to the design, layout and ambience.

In harmony with nature, the visually appealing contemporary designed outlet will incorporate single timber panels, wood, natural stone blocks and clay elements. Complete with action stations incorporating a sushi bar and teppanyaki counter, 4 private dining rooms, an open restaurant and a beautifully landscaped zen garden, the rebirth of Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine will definitely capture the hearts of Japanese food enthusiasts.

This is definitely a great accomplishment and we will continue to deliver excellent services and exceed guests’ expectation in all aspects. As we strive to improve our services, we also emphasize on good communication skills among our service team since our aim and mission is to be the best business class hotel of international standards in Petaling Jaya.

Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s 2016 Hari Raya CSR

The Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur celebrates Hari Raya with the children from Rumah Nur Sakinah. As part of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, the Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur believes in sharing, giving and supporting the less fortunate especially when it comes to celebrating festivities in Malaysia.

Rumah Nur Sakinah, formerly known as Pusat Jagaan Nur Muhammad is an orphanage home situated at Shah Alam. There are 34 orphanage and unprivileged children of both genders from the age of 4 to 17 years old.

About 20 staffs from Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur along with General Manager, Ms. Jane Suppiah visited the home on Friday afternoon. Ms. Jane Suppiah mentioned that it is part of the hotel’s annual charity event to give back to the society especially during festive periods to bring in more cheer and reaching out to support the children in need.

“This initiative is close to our hearts as we take great pride in all of our CSR undertakings and it is one of Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s ways of showing that we care and we have not forgotten the less fortunate individuals. We continue to take a community-driven approach to care for our society through financial contributions, in-kind donations , volunteer works and share the company’s success with the less fortunate ones”, she added.

Hari Raya delicacies such as Lemang with Chicken Rendang and Serunding, Lontong, “Kampung” Fried Rice, finger bites such as Fish Nuggets, Potato Wedges and others were deliciously prepared from the hotel and brought over to the home.

Besides that, the staffs and management of Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur generously contributed grocery items such as cooking oil, sugar, milk powder, canned food and many more. Daily care essentials such as bath soap, shampoo, detergent and so on were also purchased for the home.

All the children were happy to receive the goods while feasting on the sumptuous food provided. In addition, each child also received duit raya. It was indeed a perfect way for the Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s staffs to share the spirit of Hari Raya this year while sharing quality time with the children of Rumah Nur Sakinah.