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Lion Dance at Eastin Hotel Penang 2018

March 1 2018

Annual Lion Dance at Eastin Hotel Penang
Eastin Hotel, Penang – 22 February 2018 – Eastin Hotel Penang started the Lunar New Year with a big bang today as a pair of lions ushered in prosperity, abundance, wealth and luck during the annual lion dance. A pair of fireworks and thundering drums signified the beginning of the lion dance. The lions
represent the “Qilin”, mythical Chinese unicorns with the power to ward off inauspicious vibes and the power to bring good fortune and wealth. The lions also danced on poles and threw in coins, ate oranges and symbolic vegetables to usher in great fortune. The youthful and energetic lion dance troupe, Xuen Kang Sports Cultural Centre, danced over 2 hours from the car porch to the various offices and also the function rooms, restaurant outlets and kitchens. The lion dance ended with the lighting of another pair of fireworks. Present at the occasion was hotel Chairman, Dato’ Tan Chew Piau, General Manager,
Justin Chew, Director of Sales and Marketing, Choo Chan Chan, Director of Rooms, Winnie Yip and various department heads. The hotel chose the auspicious date of “Yan Yat” or “Everybody’s Birthday” to organize a lion dance so as to bring prosperity to everyone from guests to management and staff.

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