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Delightful Offerings of Scrumptious Array of Chinese New Year Buffet at Eastin Penang


February 27 2017

Eastin Hotel, Penang – 12 Jan 2017 – The Chinese New Year is the most important festive holidays for the Chinese. This year’s Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner and Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner at Eastin Hotel Penang will be an exceptional dining experience for our guests. The array of buffet were carefully selected to bring out the best authentic Chinese dishes to cater to our patrons during the celebratory season.

The best features of this year’s menu are presented in nine amazing dishes’ category such as cold delicacies, our extra special HUAT AHH! Giant Yee Sang Table which comprises of delectable condiments and dressing such as tasteful pickled items, fresh salmon slices, crushed roasted peanuts with toasted sesame seeds, flavoured with 5 spice powder accompanied with red salted ginger & Chinese plum sauce and added with crackers for an extra crispy texture to the Yee Sang, Emperors Twin Dome, soup, hot dishes, seafood on ice, deep-fried varieties such as Prawn Fritters, Tempura Squid, Fish Crackle and so on, assortment of desserts and also not missing out our action counters which will be serving Roasted Whole Lamb, Baked Fish, Eastin Lobster Wok and many more other dishes. All of the fares focus on the traditional spices — cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg — along with subtle pepper and chilli notes giving out the best taste to our guests to enjoy the festive with delectable dishes with us.

The best you could look into is the Fortune Yee Sang with condiments and dressing traditionally served as part of the Reunion Dinner and a must have auspicious dish. Other than that, we have Poon Choi & Yook Poon, Golden Fried Rice all served with classic condiments and ingredients. Eastin Hotel Penang has the experience of delivering appetising and belly-filling dishes to the Hotel guests since the opening of the Hotel in 2009. We offer refined and upmarket dining experience with the Reunion Buffet Dinner which will be served from 6.30pm to 10.00pm on January 27, 2017 at RM138 nett, Chinese New Year Hi-Tea served from 12.00 noon to 3.00pm on at RM98 nett and Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner at RM118 nett on January 28 & 29, 2017. Early Birds for first 100 persons get to enjoy 15% offer for full payment made before 15th January 2017.

There are 20% offer for Senior Citizen aged above 60 years old and children below 5 years old get to enjoy the buffet at no cost. The Reunion Buffet Dinner promotion is also included with power packed performances such as War Drum, Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Traditional Magic Show and of course not forgetting special Dragon Beard Sugar booth, Chinese traditional sweet item simply organised for our guests during the night of the reunion dinner.


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