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Lion Dance Performance

February 3 2017

Blessings from the Prosperous Lions to Celebrate the Year of the Rooster!

Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur ushers in the prosperous Year of the Rooster on the seventh day of Chinese New Year with a spectacular lion dance performance. The outstanding performance performed by the lion dance troupe was part of the hotel’s annual event to bring in an abundance of good fortune, luck, and prosperity. The hotel lobby and its surrounding were well decorated with red lanterns, Peony and Pink Blossoms and many more to enhance the hotel atmosphere in conjunction with this celebration.

The lion dance is believed to be a traditional part of the Chinese culture for many centuries, and is still up to practice till this day. It is a celebration that is never complete without the sounds of gong, drums and cymbals accompanied with the acrobatic lion dancing which ends with a loud and elaborate line of firecrackers going off. It is also known that the loud sounds of these instruments and the firecrackers are to scare away and ward off evil spirits in addition to bring good fortunes.

Guests and the hotel’s staff and management team were treated to a spectacular sight as the lion dance troupe performed their best acrobatic stunts that left the crowd awed by their amazing display of skill and talent. Many were thrilled with the drum beat corresponding with the synchronization of the lion dance movements and actions. They performed outstanding acrobat stunts agilely at the hotel lobby and then crunching to the ‘lettuce’ and rolling the mandarin oranges into the hotel lobby. They then made their way through the various locations of the hotel including food & beverage outlets, Executive offices and other areas bestowing wishes of good fortune and prosperity in the Year of the Rooster. With the loud and exciting noise of the performance, we also had our neighbouring office tenants who dropped by our hotel to view the lion dance performance. The hotel’s atmosphere was totally in hype.

Among the throng, the General Manager of Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Ms. Jane Suppiah together with the Executive Chairman, Dato’ Tan Chew Piau and Directors also joined to celebrate the performance. “We are delighted to let our guests experience a truly authentic and traditional lion dance performance in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration to usher in greater fortune and luck. We hope the performance was enjoyed by both of our local as well as foreign guests. It is an opportunity for tourists and visitors to Malaysia to experience the many facets of our multi-national culture,” Ms Jane said.

Following the Lion Dance event, guests can dine to sumptuous “Winter Delights” dishes such as Claypot Waxed Meat Rice, Pei Pa Crispy Duck, Braised Chinese Cabbage and many more at Ee Chinese Cuisine from only RM40nett per person. Promotion is available until 11th February 2017.

For more information, please contact: Marketing Communications Department Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur at 03- 7665 1111

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